Keynote HCI SI 2023 by Dr. Elisabeth Lex: Trustworthy Recommender Systems

Happy to present the HCI SI 2023 keynote speaker Elizabeth Lex. Elisabeth is a Computer Science professor at Graz University of Technology, where she heads the Recommender Systems and Social Computing Lab. Her main expertise includes machine learning, data science, recommender systems, and natural language processing.


Recommender systems play a pivotal role in shaping our digital experiences, influencing the content we see online, the products we consider purchasing, and the entertainment choices we make, such as which movies to watch. The increased adoption of deep learning technologies in recommender systems, while enhancing their effectiveness, has also raised substantial concerns regarding their transparency and trustworthiness. Critical issues such as bias, fairness, and privacy are increasingly coming under scrutiny, both in public discourse and academic research. In response, there’s a growing momentum in developing recommender systems that are not only efficient but also uphold these ethical standards.

In this talk, we will discuss recent work to address concerns of bias, fairness, and user privacy in recommender systems and briefly touch upon recent regulatory frameworks to govern AI technologies.

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Mark your calendars and don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from a leader in AI and recommender systems. Join us to explore how we can shape a more trustworthy digital future.