The Slovenian HCI community is an informal community of Slovenian human-computer interaction researchers that started in 2008 by a group of HCI researchers and enthusiasts from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, XLAB and the Jozef Stefan Institute.

The main idea behind the community is to connect Slovenian researchers interested in HCI in order to exchange ideas, collaborate and accelerate the development of this exciting interdisciplinary field in Slovenia and its surrounding countries. The main event of the community is its annual HCI SI conference that started in 2014. The conference was initially called HSI IS (HCI in Information Society) and it was later renamed to HCI SI (HCI Slovenia).

The community slowly grew and in 2019 they formed the ACM SIGCHI Chapter Bled. The chapter was named after the town in the Slovenian Alps that surrounds the famous and very scenic Bled lake with an island and the church on it. Since ACM SIGCHI does not allow country names for chapters anymore, the name was selected to not emphasise any of the cities where major academic institutions are located. Slovenia is a small county and the whole chapter has around 30 members. Splitting this community between different cities does not make sense. Members of the Chapter are mainly researchers from University of Ljubljana (mainly from Faculty of Computer and Information Science – UL FRI, Faculty of Electrical engineering – UL FE), Jozef Stefan Institute, University of Maribor (mainly from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – UM FERI) and University of Primorska (mainly from Faculty of mathematics, natural sciences and information technologies – UP FAMNIT). Members come from a variety of laboratories and research fields that overlap with HCI, which presents an opportunity to join forces and advance the field.

Besides this website, the community also operates a moderately active mailing list that can be subscribed to here.