Predstavitev članka “Augmentation not Duplication: Considerations for the Design of Digitally-Augmented Comic Books”

Povezava do članka:

Članek je nastal v sodelovanju z raziskovalci iz Lancaster Univerze (, Univerze v St Andrews ( in Cobourg univerze ( ter creativne industrije. Povzetek članka je: “Digital-augmentation of print-media can provide contextually relevant audio, visual, or haptic content to supplement the static text and images. The design of such augmentation—its medium, quantity, frequency, content, and access technique—can have a significant impact on the reading experience. In the worst case, such as where children are learning to read, the print medium can become a proxy for accessing digital content only, and the textual content is avoided. In this work, we examine how augmented content can change the reader’s behaviour with a comic book. We first report on the usage of a commercially available augmented comic for children, providing evidence that a third of all readers converted to simply viewing the digital media when printed content is duplicated. Second, we explore the design space for digital content augmentation in print media. Third, we report a user study with 136 children that examined the impact of both content length and presentation in a digitally-augmented comic book. From this, we report a series of design guidelines to assist designers and editors in the development of digitally-augmented print media.”