HCI-IS schedule

The schedule for conference HCI-IS is now public. The conference will be held on 9th October 2013 in “Orange room” at Josef Stefan Institute. There will be two sessions in the conference.

Session A (9.30 – 11.00)

Chair: Franc Novak

  • Opening and Keynote (Franc Novak, Ciril Bohak)
  • Ciril Bohak, Matija Marolt – Kinect Kiosk user experience evaluation
  • Yin Ling – 3D navigation natural interaction with movement sensor technology
  • Daniel Joerg, Martina Lucht, Tobias Schwandt – Connecting physical objects with software. Technology enhanced playing with blocks to foster learning
  • Bojan Blažica – Implicit photowork based on eye-gaze data

Session B (11.30 – 12.45)

Chair: Ciril Bohak

  • Franc Novak, Denis Špelič, Borut Žalik – A website usability testing tool
  • Marko Pavlin – Wireless medical device audio alarm
  • Barbara Koroušić Seljak – How to provide health-related information by mobile computing?
  • Miha Ristič, Franc Novak – Toward improved emergency call service: a usability test case study